What is svn2web?

Subversion-to-web (or svn2web for short) is a PHP application designed to be called from a subversion commit hook script. It can be used to copy committed files using sftp, ftp, or by a local file copy.

The application is freely available under the Common Public License 1.0. It is written in PHP and runs on all POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like) operating systems.

"svn2web" uses svnlook to determine what has changed by the Subversion commit and then proceeds to make these changes to any remote hosts described in a "svn2web" subversion property. One advantage of this simple system is that only the changed components are replaced, added or removed for each commit, making this a very quick way of synchronising content.

Subversion-to-web was originally written to update a large number of websites quickly and easily, but it is just as capable as part of any deployment system from Subversion.

Why not try it yourself, by following our installation guide?